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Is all generic ambien the same dose of it and you can only drink three times you need it, then are out of luck at 3.5 milligrams, three times and half a milligram. You can't buy it on the internet, so if you're out you can't just buy some pills. You will have to get it from a clinic that has pharmacy section in their building. My friend at the clinic said they haven't had any complaints yet but if there happened I wouldn't be surprised. anon9815 Post 57 I have a great friend who uses allopurinol to help her stay sober. She has a very healthy immune system. She has been taking allo and noticed a change in those around her. Although she can take a sleeping pill, she only takes something after 12 pm. As her immune system is very well balanced she rarely gets sick. used to take a sleeping pill, but has now switched to a drug called allopurinol. It is supposed to come in a liquid pill form or tablet form. She takes 3 milligrams a day. She has no side effects and always asks what the side effects are before taking it or in any quantities. She does have an allergy to the antibiotic which is why she hasn't been exposed to an infection or any other illness. Her immune system is functioning much better and her sleep hasn't suffered. She also doesn't have migraines as often before. She is also very happy, healthy and a better person. anon8600 Post 56 i have used anomali to stop drinking for about 6 to 8 weeks now it's just been a big struggle to stay off because i keep on thinking or even worse drinking a lot of it! anon8008 Post 55 I'd like to add my story as someone who has been taking anomali for about two years now. It was the last thing that worked for me, so I kept taking it on and off until I finally decided to give up taking it. It is a very cheap and convenient alternative to any prescription drug. The reason that I am on it is because of a liver abscess I got few years ago which I was advised that had to remove. At first I was told it would be a month or two; and instead I was told three weeks because of the high quality pill, and I would need to keep taking it for a month or so in order to relieve the symptoms. After a month, I was in desperate need of a pain medication but I couldn't afford a Ambien 10mg 120 $310.00 $2.58 prescription for it since was a little over $20 month. I was on anomyali for eight days and in the afternoon, I saw a lady who had just little bite she gotten and was now a red, swollen pimple. After taking that pill, the redness was gone almost immediately. I amazed -- and then saw that the pain was all gone as well! I was shocked and now my husband I have started on the other two new pain medicine we are going to start on together. At the start, I was a little scared at first because I didn't trust the pharmacy people around me, I also thought it could hurt you or whatever, but I know now that it is really inexpensive as well safer. It won't hurt you if eat it with food or drink milk since it is the same dosage, so it really isn't harmful if you take it with food. As to the reason why I haven't become addicted, have made it a point to not drink any alcohol or pills like that (just to be 100% on the safe side). But plus side, because this anomali is so inexpensive, and.
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