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Where can i buy valium cheap ? anon91444 Post 58 I would not recommend any drug, as it will kill your body or just make you miserable. I am on the medication called Valium. People who take Valium must be aware that they will become drowsy. If not, it would be dangerous if they have a heart attack or stroke because the medication has been known to cause heart attack and stroke. anon90549 Post 57 For my husband, valium just stops him. He cannot sleep in the evening and he takes it all the time. I know other people with anxiety problems and they also become drowsy. I know others that can wake up in the night. What can I do for him? He does not have any type of sleep problem at all. anon89078 Post 56 I'm in the same boat as poster above. My doctor gave it to me and then called tell something changed. I thought it was my blood pressure or something. I don't think, but I'm sure someone else does. fine, and I think it might be the anxiety, but I want to know what it is exactly. I hope this thread helps. anon88624 Post 55 I use valium a lot for some severe anxiety/panic attacks that are totally unresponsive to medication. I have tried a few over the past year but none have been to my liking and one of them even caused me to get in trouble with my doctors. I am hoping you have some good thoughts or ideas. I hope you have a long life of peaceful days where people look at you in amazement and appreciate as they did after watching your movie. davidg Post 54 Hi Anon, My son has been on Valium for over seven years depression with no success, He still gets down. recently started taking it for his panic attack but it did not help. He also used to take it daily for panic attacks. This is his second doctor appointment since the incident and he will probably take it for a week, but I do worry for him. anon86950 Post 52 I am an adult woman and also have severe anxiety I been on Valium since about three years, I have been on it three times with the same adverse effects. For first time I am considering getting off of it. It does not make me feel normal, it keeps anxious every time I feel could fall asleep. have recently started taking the anti anxiety drug clonitron with Valium but no matter what I think to myself "You don't have take it all the time. makes you anxious." I am tired of feeling like I have no control over what my life is doing and I feel very ill, but at the same time extremely guilty and ashamed of how I keep myself sick. If could change anything about this situation I would try to seek professional help me change and not just sit around hoping for the best. view entire post anon86296 Post 51 I have severe anxiety and am on the SSRI fluoxetine. I have been taking this for 15 years and I have a major depressive episode about every 4 months. For this last episode, it has been extremely difficult to sleep as I do get very anxious and restless. I have tried just sleeping for the past 2 days, my anxiety has escalated to the point where I have decided to stop generic pharmacy las pinas the medication. I feel so much more tired and weak. I have just been to my doctor today and I have been on these meds for 5 years, and I feel at best like will be on meds for the rest of my life. anon87094 Post 50 So i just got off of benzos today. I take them 2-3 times a day for an anxiety. I did not want to have a panic attack while driving and ended up taking 3 of them (I know that if I take too much am more likely to have one) and I only just started driving. was worried that maybe I had anxiety again, and it really did, this is a big issue since I do not have much experience driving (since i had a car accident Valium 5mg 180 pills US$ 530.00 US$ 2.94 when i still lived in college) but I am not about to stop driving with all the medications as they work for the rest of my anxiety. I have to stay on it for like a week and now i just want to know what is going on with me? I am taking 1mg of benzos and the bromide as a preventative measure. I have not had any other major side effects from any other medications i have taken previously. just feel really tired at all times, bad muscles and tendons in my neck, I feel really low. used to take valium for anxiety and benzos depression, now I don't feel like taking anything anymore.

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