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Buy modafinil with mastercard /amex, they're like 4% to 7% over the regular market and sometimes as much 10% more if you get a really good deal from it. Sometimes they're as high 5% above the market. The biggest thing to expect is that your "cost" per dose (the price of the ampoule plus cost modafinil of the pharmacy) will be 5x to 6x their price at the average American doctor's office, pharmacy store, and other retail outlets. This is important for calculating you cost vs your benefit. Note: Your benefit is savings from having more modafinil with them, not the itself. (Also, "your cost per dose" and "you aren't the same.) In total your cost for all doses you have is the result of you: taking 2x modafinil, 1x modafinil (because the cost of a "one month supply" modafinil is always $50-60 for 4g of modafinil) and paying $60 Taking 1x modafinil, 2x modafinil (because the cost of a "one month supply" modafinil is always $60-70 for 4g of modafinil) and paying $60. Again: (As an example, you're paying "only" $30 for 5mg. You already take 3x modafinil and your "cost-per-dose" is only $30. The price you get in pharmacy is: $30 x 3x = $56. Because you bought 5mg) Now, because you're getting that much benefit for a low cost, if you can only take 1x modafinil with them it's not worth it. The pharmacist should have it available because they do often get special deals like this. Don't be too hard on your pharmacist, though. If it all seemed a bit crazy to the pharmacist, they wouldn't be happy with you if they didn't get something right. (Also, you're probably getting some extra benefit out of the deal because you can take it on off hours. If you take it later at night, you have the added benefit of your pharmacist not expecting you to be awake when they call. I remember took modafinil at 6am the first 2 times I ever did this thing) So what should you take with modafinil? The first thing I say on this is DON'T BE AFRAID OF IT. People are going to ask you all sorts of stupid questions about it. So ask them. Do it in a friendly manner. "My doctor said I should take a modafinil for energy and it made my brain sleep more. Maybe you should, too. My pharmacist said it might work for you and that I should start taking it right away, so I did." Then take your pick of the available "modafinil combinations" and have fun trying them all until you find the one like best. There are a ton of forums online where people talk about what they tried as well, but the first one Modafinil 200 mg uk in my opinion is Reddit (I tried a couple of these, but it was basically useless as most forums are. Plus Reddit is more fun.) For modafinil in general, just look them up. And be patient. For the most part, I got to a low dose of 40mg and would usually say "I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep right now" and then take another 40mg the next morning. Then I would take another dose the next week and go back to 40mg once a day for 1-2 weeks without knowing if I was getting the benefit, before dropping it to 1mg once a week for 2-3 weeks. (Also, you may want to do some studies. Look at the different reviews and before after a "study." If you've found anything weird about it, it's easy to point out the pharmacist that reason you're taking 1mg of modafinil in every dose is because your cost per dose is the same as modafinil uk 200mg 20mg, other dose of modafinil was 5mg, the other dose is now 20mg, etc, etc. It'll show the pharmacist how much work they can do with the "preferred dose"). The best example is usually "sleep study"—you can find a lot of reviews online here and here, but the main one was "The best sleep study that I have ever seen" over at Modafinil4all. When you've found something and it's working you'll often be tempted to try "the full"

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